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Knowledge Icon is an education hub of Dream Weavers UK Pvt Ltd. After earning many laurels in the field of competitive exam preparations, it has finally come up with an inimitable education structure that provides all its users with excellent content and enhanced PLS (Personalized Learning system).

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”This famous saying imbibes the basic ambition of Knowledge Icon.

The journey from knowing and learning to actual doing and achieving, is target for every KI subscriber. It will aim at making an ambiance where a knowledge seeker will not only get what he wants but also get it in a way knowledge should reach its prospective seeker. It aspires to impart erudition in the way that its prime is strengthened.

Knowledge Icon is an absolute hybrid learning phenomenon and assures great scores through its effectual personalised learning system.


  • It has a unique personalized learning system, which supports the concept of complete online learning. However for people who can’t access internet regularly, it has made equal provisions.
  • It is different as it will not only tell you about the technical details of an exam, rather will suggest you the correct way of taking each section of an exam too.
  • The site is user friendly and its working is simple.


The KI UNIQUE Learning

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