English section tests the candidate’s skills and proficiency in English. It mainly includes:

  1. Verbal Ability
  2. Reading Comprehension


Mainly tests your English grammar and understanding skills of English. Reading Comprehension tests the ability to understand along with the basic reading skills. TESTING AREAS: Reading, Vocabulary, grammar and logic.

  • The total number of questions in verbal section comprises almost 50%-60% of the total questions.
  • And so the minimum cut off for this section over the year has been 30%-35%.
  • Also this section in all is of 50 marks approximately.

This can be assessed as under:

Verbal Ability:

In this section a candidate is tested in vocabulary, verbal and critical reasoning as well as grammar.

  • The level of difficulty differs every year.
  • Also the composition of the questions and type of questions differ every year.
  • This section accounts for 25-30 marks approximately.


Mainly the topics tested are vocabulary, paragraph formulation, critical reasoning and grammar.

Other than this there are:

  • Jumble paragraphs.
  • Essence of the text.
  • Fact, inference, judgement.


Reading Comprehension in CAT formulates more than 50% of the total English Section. This can be proved through the survey of CAT exam in recent years.

  • It accounts for 20-25 marks in CAT.
  • There are 6-8 passages in all in reading comprehension.
  • These comprehensions are 250-750 words in length.
  • The importance of RC in CAT can be better explained with the help of the following diagram:


  1. Social science passage:
  2. This usually concerns a social or historical issue. You might see a passage about world population control or the history of the rise to power of a clan in medieval India.
  3. Science passage:
  4. This might describe a scientific phenomenon, such as aviation, super conductivity or plate tectonics.
  5. Business passage:
  6. This usually discusses a business-related topic. For example, you might see a passage about the privatization of state-owned industries, pricing of options and futures or the causes of inflation.
  7. Entertainment passage:
  8. This usually discusses a topic related to entertainment, sports, leisure. The passage could be on a topic such as the lifestyles of the rich and famous, the reason for the success of a Hollywood or Bollywood movie.
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