Group Discussion

After clearing the written test in CAT, a candidate is called for a GD (Group Discussion) by the institute in which he/she seeks admission. This is done only when the candidate crosses the minimum cut-off limit in CAT scores fixed by the respective institute.“A group discussion is a simulated exercise, where you cannot suddenly put up a show, since the evaluators will see through you easily.”

This session is conducted to analyze the ability of the candidates to think on a subject and present their views on the respective subject. This examination also helps the examiners to judge the ability of the applicants to perform in groups.


  • To gauge the ability of the candidate to fit in an institution.
  • It tests how a candidate functions as a part of a team. As a manager, you will always be working in teams, as a member or as a leader. Therefore how you interact in a team becomes an important criterion for your selection. Managers have to work in a team and get best results out of teamwork.
  • It almost tests all managerial skills in a candidate. Like communication, leadership, co-ordianation, co-operation etc.


  • A group of 8-10 candidates is formulated and this group is given a specific situation to analyze and discuss within a given time limit.
  • The group may be given a case study and asked to come out with a solution for a problem.
  • The group may be given a topic and asked to discuss on the same.
  • The panel then observes the proceedings and evaluates the members of the group.


  • Topics that are selected for group discussion are chosen from various fields like sports, politics, social issues, environmental issues and current events.
  • It is always difficult to guess the group discussion topics as it can be chosen from any field of work.
  • However, students are always advised to read a lot of newspapers and business magazines to stay aware of the current events and happenings.
  • Students might not possess thorough information about the GD topics, but common sense and familiarity with the issue can be of great help during the time of group discussion. This always helps you to present your ideas in a proper manner.


In the second stage of selection that is also on a five-point scale, candidates are assessed on the basis of their written ability test, group discussion, personal interview, quality of academic qualification and quality of work experience.

Thus GD plays an imperative role in selection criteria.

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