Usage of CAT Scores

CAT is the Common Admission Test measuring specific management skills of the candidate. Its importance can be highlighted as under:

  1. Popularity of CAT

  2. CAT is increasingly getting popular among Indian students and this can be evident from the chart below. The numbers of students appearing for CAT are increasing with every passing year

  1. As prescribed by IIM's

  2. CAT is required for getting admission to IIM’s.Originally CAT was administered by IIM just as an admission criteria to the seven IIM’s.But now even other B-schools in India accept CAT scores. These very scores are specific criteria for selection in a B-school.

  3. Conceptualised Exam

  4. On attempting the test, one feels that indeed the test was well-designed. The questions that are tough are not tough simply because of mindless calculations, but because of the conceptual knowledge required.

  5. Acceptability

  6. Where other management exams like MAT, XAT are accepted by AIMA or XLRI respectively.CAT is accepted by other B-schools too.

  7. B-School Recruitments

  8. IIM’s have a reputation of being the best among the management colleges in India. These IIM’s have been involved in recruitment at a bigger stage as compared to other B-schools in India.

    About 920 students from six IIMs got recruited by MNCs in 2008
  9. Useful for Job Interviews

  10. As CAT follows GD and PI as selection criterias, it gives a chance to all candidates to enhance their communication and confidence skills by practicing for GD and PI’s.So when they give job interviews there experience is not that bad.

  11. Useful in Employment

  12. Even MNC’s get a universal kind of medium to judge candidates who have done CAT in terms of their scores comparison.MNC’s can even compare students who opted for other management entrance tests, with candidates who have given CAT

    Thus CAT is slowly becoming universally acceptable and is reaching a great high.CAT scores are not a mere selection for IIM, rather can be of major use in determining a candidate’s future.

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