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Quantitative Section
The quantitative section consists of 37 multiple choice questions which are to be answered in 75 minutes. The quantitative section is scored from 0 to 60 points. It is considered as the most imperative section as it is given prime importance by most MBA programs.

This section basically consists of 2 sections:
  1. Problem Solving
  2. Data Sufficiency
Problem Solving, basically tests the quantitative reasoning proficiency in an examinee. Problem-solving questions present multiple-choice problems in arithmetic, basic algebra, and elementary geometry. There are 5 choices from which the examinee is required to choose one .Problem can be simple mathematical or real life problems that require mathematical solutions.
  • Numbers: All numbers used are real numbers.
  • Figures: The diagrams and figures that accompany these questions are for the purpose of providing useful information in answering the questions. Unless it is stated that a specific figure is not drawn to scale, the diagrams and figures are drawn as accurately as possible.
Data Sufficiency also tests the quantitative reasoning proficiency using some unusual set of instructions. The examinee is provided with a question with 2 associated statements that may help in answering the question. It is on the examinee to decide that whether the 1st statement alone is sufficient to answer or the 2nd statement alone is sufficient or both are required in parts and so on.

  1. Choice 1 if the question can be answered using one of the statements alone, while the other statement is not sufficient to answer the question.
  2. Choice 2 if the question can be answered using each of the statements independently
  3. Choice 3 if both the statements together are needed to answer the question
  4. Choice 4 if both the statements independently or taken together are not sufficient to answer the question
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