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It can be inferred from the passage that the author would agree with all the following except

  • most people don’t realize that by punishing offenders they are surrendering themselves to the vicious cycle of crime and punishment
  • sentences of imprisonment have little success in reducing the crime rate in society
  • it would be ridiculous to inoculate people suffering from chicken pox with small pox
  • if criminals were not strongly punished for their misdeeds there would be no law and order in society
  • tolerating poverty is at least as bad as inflicting punishments on criminals

Prabhu purchased 30 kg of rice at the rate of 17.50 per kg and another 30 kg rice at a certain rate. He mixed the two rice and sold the entire quantity at the rate of Rs. 18.60 per kg and made 20% over all profit. At what price per kg did he purchase the lot of another 30 kg rice ?

How did the woman prepare for the festival ?
1. She bought expensive gifts for her children and neighbours.
2. She ordered her servants to prepare sweets and food well in advance.
3. She made sure that her youngest child was looked after so that he wouldn’t be bored.

The yearly festival was close at hand. The store room was packed with silk fabrics. gold ornaments, clay bowls full of sweet curd and platefuls of sweetmeats. The orders had been placed with shops well in advance. The mother was sending out gifts to everyone. The eldest son, a government servant, lived with his wife and children in far off lands. The second son had left home at an early age. As a merchant he travelled all over the world. The other sons had split up over petty squabbles, and they now lived in homes of their own. The relatives were spread all across the world. They rarely visited. The youngest son, left in the company of a servant, was soon bored and stood at the door all day long, waiting and watching. His mother, thrilled and excited, loaded the presents on trays and plates, covered them with colourful kerchiefs, and sent them off with maids and servants. The neighbours looked on. The day came to an end. All the presents had been sent off. The child came back into the house and dejectedly said to his mother, “Maa, you gave a present to everyone, but you didn’t give me anything !” His mother laughed, “I have given all the gifts away to everyone, now see what’s left for you.” She kissed him on the forehead. The child said in a tearful voice, “Don’t I get a gift ?” “You’ll get it when you go far away.” “But when I am close to you, don’t I get something from your own hands ?” His mother reached out her arms and drew him to her. “This is all I have in my own hands. It is the most precious of all.”

Which of the following countries is a land locked country insouth America?

  • Ecuador

  • Peru

  • Uruguay

  • Bolivia

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