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If a man walks to his office at 5/4 of his usual rate, he reaches office 30 min early than usual. What is his usual time to reach office?

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According to the passage, fish can survive in the oceans because

Ocean water plays an indispensable role in supporting life. The great ocean basins hold about 300 million cubic, miles of water. From this vast amount, about 80,000 cubic miles of water are (5) sucked into the atmosphere each year by evapora- tion and returned by Precipitation and drainage to the ocean. More than 24,000 cubic miles of rain descend annually upon the continents. This vast amount is required to replenish the lakes and (10) streams, springs and water tables ‘on which all flora and fauna are dependent. Thus, the hydro-≠ sphere permits organic existence. The hydrosphere has strange characteristics because water has properties unlike those of any (15) other liquid. Ore anomaly is that water upon freezing expands by about 9 percent, whereas most liquids contract on cooling) For this reason, ice floats on water bodies instead of sinking to the bottom. If the ice sank, the hydrosphere would (20) soon be frozen solidly, except for a thin layer of surface melt water during the summer season. Thus, all aquatic life would be destroyed and the interchange of warm and cold currents; which moderates climate, would be notably absent. (25) Another outstanding characteristic of water is that water has a heat capacity which is the highest of all liquids and solids except ammonia. This characteristic enables the oceans to absorb and store vast quantities of heat, thereby often pre† (30) venting climatic extremes. In addition, water dis-≠ solves more substances than any other liquid. It is this characteristic which helps make oceans a great storehouse for minerals which have been washed clown from the continents. In several (35) areas of the world these minerals are being com-≠ mercially exploited. Solar evaporation of salt is widely practiced, potash is extracted from the Dead Sea, and magnesium is produced from sea water along the American Gulf Coast.

It will take some time for many South Koreans to ... the conflicting image of North Korea, let alone to ... what to make of their northern cousins 

Which of the following countries is a land locked country insouth America?

  • Ecuador

  • Peru

  • Uruguay

  • Bolivia

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