Interview Tips For Student (F-1) Visa

The three basic requirements that are needed are:

  • Proper Documentation
  • How you present yourself during the interview
  • How you answer the questions and finer details.


  • As you enter the window, greet Visa Officials with a smile and wish them confidentally.Good morning, Good evening or hello etc.
  • Don’t show any traits of fear towards your interview as this may make them feel that something is not fine with your case.
  • Develop a good eye contact and appear definite and secure.
  • Never lie as it will confuse you and weaken your case
  • Next, for the question related to finance documents, make sure you know the source of each fund in the bank statement. Visa officials will ask about transactions, only if they feel something might be wrong in the finance documents.

It will be like:

  • Who is your sponsor?
  • What does sponsor do?
  • How much is his/her income?
  • Never make mention of the fact that you will return soon to India. They are smarter and they know why people go for studying in abroad. So, just mention that after your course completion you will enjoy and look for a job. However,
  • You need to know and show what you will do with your degree from a U.S.

Institution (or, if you want to attend an English language program, with your better English) when you return home.

  • You need to have good future plans in your own country.
  • You should know what the job situation is in your field, in your home country.
  • You should practice for the interview with friends. The practice interviews should be no more than three minutes long and very unfriendly. While the consular officer will probably be friendly in the real interview, it is best to be prepared for the worst.

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