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Knowledge Icon is an education hub of Dream Weavers UK Pvt Ltd. After earning many laurels in the field of competitive exam preparations...

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  • Sahil - CAT Student

    ““My teacher was professional. I owe my success in CAT to the instructors and their effective teaching and guidance.””

  • Amandeep Singh -GMAT Student

    ““I got a solid GMAT score. Thanks to Knowledge Icon and its instructors. Now, I can consider that MBA programs which I was not able to consider earlier.””

  • Megha - GRE student

    ““I got accepted to my- choice graduate school. It would not have been possible without Knowledge Icon efforts.””

  • Abhishek - TOEFL student

    ““Knowledge Icon gave me all the tools, strategies and confidence I needed to achieve an excellent TOEFL score.””

  • Ritika - SPEAKON student

    ““I am really grateful for your course, I can tell you that it was very useful for me especially in learning syllables."”

  • Ashish Gupta - Aura student

    ““The training that I got in KI was of ultimate eminence.I have reached a new level after doing this course.In short, I have rediscovered myself.””

  • Ripudaman - TOEFL & GRE student

    “I am highly obliged to my teachers in Knowledge Icon as it has been possible to score 114 out of 120 in TOEFL and 328 out of 340 in GRE only with their guidance and support.”


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AGI Business Centre,
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