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Academic Reading in TOEFL tests the examinee’s ability to read carefully and understand university level texts and passages.


• 3-5 passages: Each of these passages are approximately 700 words long.

• Exposition: Passage will provide explanation of a topic.

• Argumentation: Passage provides a point of view and presents enough evidence to support it.

• Historical: Passage is related to some topic of history.
  • There are 12-14 questions that are asked from each passage.
  • In all, there are 36- 70 questions in this passage.
  • The time in which these questions are to be answered varies from 60-100 minutes.
  • The score scale for this section is 0-30.
  • The candidate should have the following abilities:
    • Understanding of cause - effect relationships.
    • Understanding of argumentation.
    • Understanding of compare and contrast relationships.
    • Understanding of classification and
    • Understanding of problem/ solution type passages.
  • The questions appear on the screen only when the passage is finished.
  • Once the passage is finished, the questions appear on the right side of screen and passage appears on the left side.
  • There is a glossary feature in Reading Section in TOEFL after each passage, which is its specific feature.
  • There are different question types that appear after the passages. They may be categorized as:

Reading to learn questions can be either Chart Based Question or Summary Based Questions.

This section specifically tests the following abilities in the candidate:

  • The information scanning ability
  • Reading fluency
  • Level of conception, in terms of how he conceptualizes the main idea, vocabulary etc.
  • Technique of organizing and sequencing of ideas
  • Technique of relationship building in ideas
  • Finding inferences for idea’s connection
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