TOEFL PBT refers to the paper based test in TOEFL.

It is no more applicable in India.

However it is believed that some countries where it is difficult to access internet or where IBT has not yet reached, still practice TOEFL PBT.But such regions comprise a meager number and so TOEFL IBT is the only form universally available at present.

Still for the information of people, who want to know what PBT in TOEFL is all about, the structure of PBT is as following: PBT tests the ability of the examiner to read, write and listen in English. It consists of 3 sections mainly and TWE, i.e. Test of Written English also takes place in PBT only.
The sections are:

  • Listening
  • Structure & Written Expression
  • Reading
  • Writing( TWE)

The test takes about 2-3 hours and is scored on a range from 310- 677. It is comparatively easier and there is no speaking test. However there is TSE, i.e., Test of Spoken English.

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