TOEFL IBT is a standardized test which measures a candidate’s proficiency in English in an academic setting.


    About 23 million students have taken the test since 1964, when it was administered by ETS. The number is increasing in enormity and the situation is such that now a candidate has to register atleast 2 months before the date of the exam because of the increasing number of applicants for the exam.
    It is an international standardized test. It is acceptable in various countries like United States, Canada, U.K, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Italy.
    It is accepted by many other
    • Government agencies,
    • Scholarship programs,
    • Licensing bodies
    • Businesses
  3. There are about 4500 test centres across the world for TOEFL.It is an extremely in-demand course for its characteristic testing pattern.
  4. Moreover, TOEFL gives you plenty of choices concerning your future place of studying. As it is acceptable at most of the universities around the world.
  5. It is one of the most convenient tests students can take.
    • It is taken in one day, which saves travel costs, boarding and any other related expenses.
    • It is taken through internet.
    • One can easily retake the test in 7 days.
  6. It gives practical and valuable knowledge and skills, which can be used in everyday situations and in communication abroad or with native speakers. On completion of the preparatory course, students are ready not only to take the TOEFL test and interact in the academic settings, but also to get their way out of all kinds of situations where they are to use English as a language of communication.
  7. TOEFL test is fair and unbiased. All students have similar test – taking experience, which eliminates prejudice or any other kind of unfair attitude towards a candidate.
  8. Scores are checked anonymously by ETS- certified experts and are unbiased.
  9. TOEFL is the choice of the youth and youth represents the future. Following is a pie chart exemplifying the fact that youth is opting for TOEFL.

    A TOEFL score is required for non-Indian students who did not have ENGLISH as the primary language of instruction during their undergraduate studies.

    Age Distribution:

  10. It is also used in HR as it gives a fixed ground on the basis of which one can measure employee capabilities in terms of proficiency skills in English.
  11. It may be demanded by visa offices. If you are going abroad for higher studies where the native language is English, your visa officer may also ask for TOEFL score, if your mother tongue is other than English. The purpose is to check whether you would be able to adjust yourself in English speaking country or not.
  12. The TOEFL score is also asked by scholarships and higher education funding agencies to ensure that a candidate will be able to complete his / her studies in university settings where the language of expression is English.
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