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“To realize the tremendous potential of an individual by providing quality products and solutions that consistently fulfil ones educational needs meeting all expectations.”


While most of the sectors of the country have witnessed wide range of growth and development, education remains the most neglected field. Sectors like organized retailing, food chains, recreational and amusement parks, automobiles etc. have all witnessed a paradigm shift when it comes to the development seen in these sectors.

When it comes to education, the only arena that has shown development is the school infrastructure and curriculum to a certain extent. The methodology adopted in schools to teach students remains more or less the same.


Knowledge Icon: “A framework for student counselling program that keeps wholesome development of the student at the forefront of education movement and develops the required bridge between counselling and education, helping students’ career graph reach to ultimate level.”

Counselling programs are collaborative efforts benefiting students, parents, teachers, administrators and overall community. It helps students in a way so that they can learn about new growing fields which they might be unaware of and moreover, it brings name and fame when students get admissions into top universities and excel in their fields. Thus, student counselling programs should be an integral part of students’ daily educational environment, and counsellors should be partners in student’s achievements. Unfortunately, student counselling has lacked a consistent identity from state to state, district to district and even school to school. This has led to a misunderstanding of what student counselling is and what it can do for a student. As a result, student counselling programs are often viewed as subsidiary programs instead of crucial component to student achievement, and counsellors have not been used to their optimum.

The question has often been posed, “What do counsellors do?” The more important question is, “How students reach on a different level of studies due to effort put in by counsellors?” To help answer this question, we have created Knowledge Icon which not only guides a student towards a flourishing career path but walks along with the student en route the road to success. The responsibility is to reach out to maximum number of students, to deliver them the knowledge which might be otherwise not so easily accessible to them.

Knowledge Icon supports the student’s overall mission by promoting academic achievement, career planning and personal/social development. Infused throughout the program are the opportunities for students to display their qualities of leadership, advocacy and collaboration, which lead to systematic change. Historically, many counsellors spent their time responding to needs of a small percentage of students, typically those who were high achievers or who were at high risk. We outline a program allowing counsellors to direct services to every student. However, a successful student counselling program is a collaboration of parents, students, counsellors, administrators, teachers, student services personnel and support staff working together for the benefit of every student.

They say a teacher is best guide for studies, but a counsellor is the best guide for a settled career. We help your dreams to come true not by faking promises but by walking along with you on the road that leads to a real FUTURE. So don't waste your precious time in thinking main stream, Knowledge Icon with you.


There is a staggering array of educational options in United States. Over 500 major fields of study are offered at more than 3000+ colleges and universities. The wide-ranging institutions offer academic and practical studies in all possible subjects, at all levels and for all types of students. From the high school to the world’s best degree programs in Engineering, Business Administration, Communications, Computer Science and many more. Needless to say, a degree from an American University is recognized worldwide and can be a launching pad to attain your dreams!

American universities feature extensive library collections, computer centres, modern science laboratories. Many universities offer internships as part of their degree program. These enhance your educational experience, as well as prepare you for your future career.

United States is a multi-cultural country. It is a nation that believes in a free economy and welcomes internationalization as a guiding force to make its economic future bright. Rather than a melting pot, America is a cultural mosaic where the customs and traditions of many cultures are recognized and respected. A diverse population makes a student's learning experience truly enriching.

United States is a safe and peaceful country for students. Its cities are remarkably clean, the people are environmentally conscious and are constantly making efforts to ensure excellent air and water quality.

There are millions of students from all over the world who aspire to study in United States. Only the best prepared get through the stringent qualifying procedures put in place.


Knowledge Icon is a professionally managed organization that counsels students who wish to study around the globe, especially United States of America and Canada. We have built a good reputation for accurate counselling in a friendly atmosphere. Our team consists of highly educated professionals who are familiar with the US education system.

    Apart from counselling, our activities also include:
  • Helping students prepare for standardized tests like SAT & TOEFL through classroom based preparation programs.
  • Helping students in the selection of right universities and in completing the admission formalities.
  • Helping students secure financial-aid. Several of our students have received substantial financial aid from prestigious universities in United States.

XI and XII standard is high time for students to start thinking over the path that they need to choose in life. By that, we mean they need to buckle up and have to aim high; Knowledge Icon' counselling can help them to have a focused career and a focused life. The admission process for all the universities across the world has begun and taking initiative to start the application work will give them a preference above the others.

Just filling an application form? Sounds easy, right? But it is not that simple. Along with the application, a lot many documents are needed to be attached and this is where we come to your rescue. We do all that tedious work for you. Some of the documents involve writing statement of purpose, recommendation letters, essays etc. We will help you walk through the whole process. And the catch is, the earlier you apply, the better are your chances to get SCHOLARSHIP in top universities in USA.

Just like competitive exams in India, students need to prepare for tests like SAT, TOEFL and/or IELTS to get into an American or Canadian university. And the best part is that we save your money by providing you with all the material (books and notes) for the preparation and you don't have to order books from USA (which can be really expensive). All the material that will be provided to you has been collected by meticulously examining the tests pattern. Our material will not only fetch you good marks, but those good marks can even promise you SCHOLARSHIP and/or an entry into the IVY LEAGUE universities. We aim for discreteness and perfection in our work, so all paperwork is handled methodically.

What is SAT

The SAT is a standardized test for college admissions in USA. According to College Board, SAT is a globally recognized college admission test that lets you showcase what you know and how well you can apply that knowledge. It tests your skills in reading, writing and Math subjects that are taught every day in high school classrooms. Most students take SAT during their junior or senior year of high school, and almost all colleges and universities in USA use SAT to make admission decisions.

How important are SAT scores in overall application

The SAT is just one factor among many that colleges use to get to know you better. Its part of a comprehensive admission process that also takes into account your high school academics, extracurricular activities, recommendations, personal essay and other factors.

Every college and university uses different criteria for admission. For any specific information about admission policies you can go through the college website.


  • Test preparation
  • Completion of admission formalities
  • Visa documentation

HOW DOES THE Knowledge Icon WORK

  • Analysis - We analyse student’s personal and educational background, goals, needs, constraints & resources.
  • Search - We search & identify potential programs & universities that can meet your objectives, needs and resources.
  • Short List - A shortlist of the most appropriate universities for student is developed jointly between student & his/her professional educational counsellor.
  • Resume & Reference Letter - Well-drafted Resume & Reference letters play a critical role in admission process. They convey important traits of academic ability, professional promise & personality to the admission committee. We provide counselling & advice in their management.
  • Essay Coaching - Our team of counsellors ensure that essays are upto the standards required by admission committee.
  • Financial Documents - Universities in US usually require evidence of financial support for tuition & living expenses at the time of application. We counsel and guide in the process.
  • Follow-up & Deadlines - We manage application process to ensure that all critical deadlines are met.
  • Acceptance - A few weeks after applications are dispatched, we will inform student of his/her acceptance.
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