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The maximum score that can be achieved on the exam is 800.The test is scored on a range between 200-800.
  • GMAT score is even accompanied by a percentile rank .Percentile Rank highlights the percentage of examinees who scored lower than you in the exam.
  • The average score in the verbal section is 28/60.Students above 44 and below 9 are very rare.
  • The average score in the quantitative section is 36/60.Students above 50 and below 7 are very rare.
  • In the recent years the mean GMAT score is 570.For the top 50 institutes offering MBA programs, the average GMAT score is 660.Following are the required scores of GMAT as by top schools offering MBA programs.
 University’s Name  Average GMAT Score
Stanford’s School 720
Harvard’s School 720
Wharton’s School 710
Sloan’s School 710
Yale’s School 710
Oxford’s School 729
INSEAD 705 (As on 2005)
Source: Data compiled from GMAC score reporting system.
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