Learn more about validity and cancellation of GMAT scores


  • Scores are valid for five years (at most institutions) from the date the test taker sits for the exam until the date of matriculation (i.e. acceptance, not until the date of application).
  • However it is advised to the candidates that the scores should be more recent, i.e., not more than 2 years older.
  • After we finish the test, we can get a score report, but this is unofficial. Business schools will normally require direct reports from the testing authority. It may take up to 20 days for the official reports to reach the schools.


  • A candidate can cancel his/her GMAT score before he sees his test score.
  • However, cancelling score is not recommended because of the following reasons:
  • Usually you think you did worse, but it may not be the case.>
  • And even if you don’t cancel, you can always reappear for the exam.
  • The only cases in which we would recommend canceling are those in which you had an extreme circumstance which caused a very poor performance (illness, bad testing environment, etc.).
  • However, once you request an unofficial score report (immediately after the test), you no longer have the option of cancelling your scores.

This chart shows the mean and median score of GMAT as for 2008.Middle 80% range from 590-720.

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