Can I Reappear In GMAT?

Can I Reappear In GMAT?

  • Any candidate, who has already given GMAT earlier and is not satisfied with that score, can reappear for the same.
  • You can take the GMAT up to five times during every consecutive 12-month period, with one test allowed for every31 calendar days.
  • However, many schools frown upon taking the test too many times. Taking the test twice probably won't get you into any trouble though.
  • Taking the test a third or fourth time may cause an admissions committee to question your ability.
  • While, most schools will only consider your best score, some schools may handle this differently for someone who has taken the test multiple times.
  • It's important to note that schools will see all of your scores.
  • Even if you decide to cancel a particular score (which you must do before seeing your score), the cancellation will still be reported to the school.

Plan on taking the test no more than twice and assume that the admissions committees will take the better of those two scores.

Among 568 applicants, 54% were accepted as in 2008.

This survey shows the amount of rejections by institutions. This shows that the number of students reappearing for GMAT are not less.

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