Analytical Writing Section

Analytical Writing Section

This section basically tests the writing skills of the examinee.

It emphasises on the following topics:
  • Convey complex ideas in a clear and efficacious way.
  • Examine the argument and the proof accompanying it.
  • Support your ideas with effective reasoning and examples.
  • Maintain the discussion in a rational way.
  • Focus on the grammatical aspects of the writing.

The basic reason behind having this section is that the examinee is given a chance to express ideas on complex issues and argument.There are 2 essay types that are presented:

Argumentative Essay-

There is no choice of topics in this essay type.The examinee is required to present his content on that topic.It is rated on a scale 0-6 in half-point increments.The time examinee has is 30 minutes for argument based essay.

Issue Based Essay-

There is no choice of topic in this section too.

The time examinee has is 30 minutes for this essay type.

  • Over 90% of test-takers score at least a 3 on the AW scale. Since the essays need to be sent to readers in order to be graded, students cannot view their AW scores on the same day that they take the test.
  • Students, who choose to keep their scores, receive an official GRE score report via regular mail approximately two weeks later. The AW score is included in this score report.
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