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KI Unique Analytical Writing Section

Analytical Writing Section

The analytical writing assessment involves AOA and AOI.It means that both essays whose analysis is based on issue or argument are to be written keeping in mind these basic points.

Analysis of Argument:

While writing an argument essay, one is not required to give his/her opinion. Other points which are to be kept in mind are :

  1. Examine the basic argument
  2. Determine its reasoning
  3. Determine the assumption and strength of evidence.
  4. How could the argument have been made stronger?
  5. If the argument can be made stronger then what types of evidences may have helped in doing so.

Example of an Argument based Essay: In a study of the effects of exercise on longevity, medical researchers tracked 500 middle-aged men over a 20-year period. The subjects represented a variety of occupations in several different parts of the country and responded to an annual survey in which they were asked: How often and how strenuously do you exercise? Of those who responded, the men who reported that they engaged in vigorous outdoor exercise nearly every day lived longer than the men who reported that they exercised mildly only once or twice a week. Given the clear link that this study establishes between longevity and exercise, doctors should not recommend moderate exercise to their patients but should instead encourage vigorous outdoor exercise on a daily basis.”

Analysis of Issue

The main criterion for this essay type is that the examinee can give his /her opinion on the issue.
  1. An examinee is required to support his/her opinion on the issue. For this it is imperative that they decide that what the opinion should be: For or against and then they should develop their matter as per the thought of mind they are supporting.
  2. Once the supportive point is decided, the examinee is required to provide concrete examples from own experiences or real life ambiances, in order to support his view point.
Example of an issue based essay : The study of an academic discipline alters the way we perceive the world. After studying the discipline, we see the same world as before, but with different eyes.
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