IELTS Test comprises of four modules:

  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking

All the candidates will be taking the same Listening and Speaking Modules. There is a choice between Academic and General Training in the Reading and Writing Modules.

  1. Academic Training- For candidates taking the test for entry to undergraduate or postgraduate studies for professional reasons.
  2. General Training- For candidates taking entry to vocational or training programmes not at degree level, for admission to secondary schools and for immigration purposes.

The format of the test is as under.

  • Total Test Duration of IELTS Exam is 2 hours 45 minutes.
  • The first three modules - Listening, Reading and Writing - must be completed in one day.
  • The Speaking Module may be taken, at the discretion of the test centre, in the period seven days before or after the other Modules.
  • The tests are designed to cover the full range of ability from non-user to expert user.

2011 - 12 Test Dates


Modules Sections Questions Time permitted
Nov 5, 2011 SAT and Subject Tests
Dec 3, 2011 SAT and Subject Tests
Jan 28, 2012 SAT and Subject Tests
March 10, 2012 SAT only
May 5, 2012 SAT and Subject Tests
June 2, 2012 SAT and Subject Tests
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