The preparation time for IELTS depends on the following sections:

  • Purpose of doing IELTS
  • Module of test- General or Academic
  • Urgency of taking the test

Still if a candidate possesses a good level of English, he/ she should practice for 3 months but if the level of English is below average, 6 months should be the time taken for practice.

  • If you do intensive practice, you should follow about 4 hours a day- about 16 to 20 hours a week. But remember not to do your practice at one stretch. Break up your practice times to small sections so that you could rest and refresh your brain at regular intervals. If you don’t have much time to practice, an hour’s practice in a day will do.
  • However there is no alternative of practice. Practice, practice, practice until you get a very high IELTS score. There are various books and online programs that can help you to achieve this goal along with self – study, hard work and determination.

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