There are always too many ways of doing things but what everyone aspires for is The Best way of doing something. For MAT the basic points which are to be considered are as follows:

  1. Have proficiency in English.
  2. Prepare the exam keeping in mind the fruits one can get after getting a good score.
  3. If cramming is done then do it in an intelligent way. That is being clever and not dumb. Remember it’s always better to learn those things which you know are certain to come and be prepared for the ones that can come.
  4. Consider the fact that many math problems are often repeated in tests. So go through sample test papers as it may make task very easy.
  5. Apply the process of elimination to your exam. Eliminate the answer choices that are totally out of question, so that you have fewer options to choose.
  6. Ability to identify question types is very imperative. As similar question is hard to repeat but a similar type of question can easily come again.
  7. Relax into the test rather than panicking and losing marks unnecessarily. You will find that you are calm and collected when you understand all the questions rather than being faced with unknown words.
  8. Make educated guesses. And don’t make rash decisions.
  9. Be relaxed during exam but not too much relaxed so that you’ll forget the answers you know.
  10. Avoid distracters while studying like mobiles or television programmes.
  11. Get into a study routine and design your schedule.
  12. Memorize few facts at one day and rest at another as this will help you to break down the matter.
  13. Be in a positive frame of mind.
    • Consider how many questions you need to answer
    • How heavily they're weighted
    • How much time is available
    • Then develop a plan
    • Spot easy questions and attempt the ones with medium difficulty but try the difficult ones in the end
  15. Practice comes after the basics are clear. If a person studies for 4 months to clear basics, 3 hours a day, it will be fine
  16. Schedule before 2 months of test:
    • Reading
    • Word list
    • Maths
    • Book on Verbal Ability Questions
    • Book on Reading comprehension Questions
    • Book on Analytical Reasoning.
    • Practice book on math
  17. Maximum time should be given to reading and mathematics.
  18. Revise formulae every day.
  19. Do not revise your strategies, just few days before the exam. It may just confuse you.
  20. Focus on your strength areas.
  21. Avoid saturation; don’t study a bit too much.
  22. Avoid easy questions first.
  23. Give equal time to each section in MAT.
  24. Try to finish the paper 10-15 minutes before and in those minutes try to solve the unattempted questions.
  25. Be prepared that anything can come, paper pattern can change and number of questions can change etc.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”.

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