General Awareness


This section covers the general knowledge aspect and so it tests these very skills of the examinee.

  • This section contains 40 questions and it has to be completed in 15 minutes.
  • Marks of this section can or cannot be considered in the overall MAT score.
  • It depends from institute to institute whether to consider it or not.
  • This section does not follow a particular syllabus type. But mainly covers:
    1. General awareness.
    2. Business awareness.


Topics related to World Geography, Indian geography, World superlatives, world history, history of India and Constitution of India should be studied to have a good attempt in the general awareness section.


World’s major companies, brands etc., various acquisitions, best sites, advertising world, logos, punch lines, business awards, stock market etc. should be studied.


  • Every MAT exam witnesses 40 questions in this section and all are based on current affairs mainly.
  • However this sectsion is quite difficult and one expects low marks in it normally.
  • Level of difficulty has been on the increasing trend for this section.
  • A regular reader of newspaper will always find this section as very easy and could easily score in it.
  • It can cover questions from current events, science, business, politics, infrastructure, etc.
  • EXPECTED LEVEL OF ACCURACY FROM 37.5% questions attempted can be seen as under:

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