Personal Interviews are planned to get an overview of the type of candidate and to test his/her managerial abilities. BASIC TIPS:

  • Be confident and positive in your approach.
  • Dress smartly and formally as this always leaves a good impression on the interview panel.
  • Get a good night's sleep before your interview so you'll be as psychologically physically and emotionally ready for interview as possible.
  • Don't interrupt the interviewer when he/she is talking. Always remember that communication is two-way.


  1. There must be clarity of thought as well as consistency of purpose: This suggests that the interviewee should have his vision clarity and should not divert his attention from the goal of his life. This is because he/she will be cross checked through various questions regarding the career objective and loyalty towards that objective.
  2. Practice in front of mirror as if you are giving an interview. This immensely improves confidence.
  3. Good smile always pleases people. Smile is one of the things which may matter in your impression during interview.
  4. Try to have a good eye contact while the interview. But a good eye contact should not show glaring rather should show confidence.
  5. Try to mention your experience and academic achievements and all those facts that you can exemplify by records and make you look distinctive as well as effectual.
  6. Do proper research about the B-school you are interested in. Remember this is the most probable question that is asked that Why us? You must be able to convince them on that and so do proper home work about this.
  7. Try to find FAQ’s on interviews by AIMA and practice answers to them.
  8. Don’t be nervous and try to prove the institute that you can be an asset to them.
  9. Do flaunt your general awareness skills whenever possible. This can always leave a good impression.
  10. Here are some key points to consider before a PI:


  • Show your strengths.
  • Never let your weakness unfold.
  • Stand by your views.
  • Be smart and calculative.
  • Do not stop answering but at the same time think before you speak.
  • Be prepared to prove your unique attributes.

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