MAT Scores


MAT exam has a total of 200 marks . There are many B- schools that accept this score.
Every student gets one mark for every correct answer. But the score obtained is a composite score, from a total of 800.

  • MAT is basically conducted by AIMA and is accepted by AIMA-CME (Centre for management education) and other AICTE approved management institutes (MI) and university departments.
  • The MAT score tells you the relative position of the candidate with respect to the other candidates. For e.g.: percentile score of 95 means that there are 95% of candidates below, whose scores are lesser.
  • Each score-report contains six scores: Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation & Sufficiency, Reasoning Ability (ranging from 0 to 100), Composite Score (199 to 801) and General Awareness (a separate score card on a scale from 0 to 100). The Composite Score is arrived at using the first four sections of the test only because these sections relate to specific skills that one acquires over a long period of time. Equal weightage is assigned to all these four sections. The scores were defined in a way that a score of about 50 in a section and about 500 on composite scale represent the average performance of that group.
  • An indicative list of expected cut-offs for Non-IIM B-schools using the MAT scores is given below.
SL.NO. Institutes Cut-off
1 IILM Academy for Higher Education, Greater Noida 700+
2 Christ college, Bangalore 700+
3 MS Ramaiah Institute of Management, Bangalore 680+
4 Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater NOIDA 680+
5 Amity Business School, Noida 680+
6 Alliance Business Academy, Bangalore 670+
7 New Delhi Institute of Management, Delhi 650+
8 Indian Institute of Finance, Delhi 650+
9 Indira Group of Institutes, Pune 650+
10 Indian Institute of Rural Management, Jaipur 650+
11 Indian Institute of Modern Management, (IIMM), Pune 650+
12 School of Communication & Management Studies, Cochin 650+
13 Kohinoor Business School, Khandala 630+
14 Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Delhi 630+
15 Indian Institute of Management Training (IIMT), Pune 630+
16 PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore. 600+
17 Som-Lalit Institute of Management Studies, Ahmedabad 600+
18 International Institute for Special Education, Lucknow 600+
19 IBAT School of Management, Bhubaneswar 600+
20 EMPI, Delhi 600+
21 Fortune Institute of International Business 600+
22 IMS Ghaziabad 580+
23 Institute of Management & Information Sciences, Bhubaneswar 580+
24 Mahaveer Academy of Technology and Sciences (MATS), Bangalore. 580+
25 Suryadatta Group of Institutions, Pune 560+
26 IPS Academy, Indore 550+
27 IILM Institute for Higher Education, Gurgaon 530+
28 Institute of Business Management & Technology, Bangalore. 530+
29 Institute of Finance and International Management, Bangalore. 520+
30 Asia Pacific Institute of Management,Delhi 500+
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