Reasoning Ability


TThis section contains 40 questions which are to be answered in 30 minutes. Reasoning in MAT can be categorized in 2 ways:

  • General Reasoning.
  • Logical reasoning.


Reasoning checks the mental skills of the examinee in a calculative way. The topic that reasoning covers is as under:

Sl.No. Topics in General Reasoning
1 Classification
2 Series Completion
3 Coding Decoding
4 Blood Relations
5 Puzzle test
6 Sequential Output Tracing
7 Direction Sense Test
8 Logical Venn Diagram
9 Alphabet Test
10 Number, ranking and Time sequence test
11 Mathematical Operations
12 Logical Sequence of Words
13 Arithmetical Reasoning
14 Inserting Missing Character
15 Assertion and Reasoning
16 Situation Reaction Test
17 Verification of Truth of statement

Remember even verbal reasoning like analogy can come under this section. In such cases, mostly verbal ability and verbal reasoning gets clubbed, as was in September 2008 MAT exam. Out of these questions on Blood Relationship, direction sense and puzzle are the most frequent in repetition as well as in number.


In this section, questions will be given to test your ability to solve the logical problems and analytical problems. The logical puzzles are given followed by some typical questions, you need to interpret the logic and answer the questions. The question type in LR of MAT is mostly based on statement and Conclusion based reasoning. LR problems usually contain several statements which serve as clues to solve the problem. LR problems are usually ‘all-or-nothing’ type, in the sense that if you crack the problem you will have answers to all the questions that follow, and if you don’t you will not be able to answer even a single question. This is because if the logic to the problem is known to you, the questions that follow seem easier.

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